LG Electronics opens Alaskan lab to develop HVAC tech in extreme weather

时间:2023-12-06 20:04:15来源:88 슬롯 作者:게임

LG Electronics announced Monday that it has launched a research facility in Alaska to enhance the resilience of modern heating and cooling systems, collectively known as HVAC systems, in extremely cold conditions.

The LG Advanced Cold Climate Heat Pump Laboratory is part of a collaboration that includes the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

The partnership, made official on Monday as the Consortium for Advanced Heat-pump Research, will tackle the challenge of heat pumps losing efficiency in cold weather -- a problem attributed to diminished refrigerant pressure and circulation that is particularly prevalent in frigid environments such as Alaska's.

Heat pumps, which are commonly used to heat and cool buildings, tend to be less effective in colder regions. To address this, LG's Alaskan lab will conduct real-life testing within simulated residential settings on university grounds, replicating a standard home equipped with LG’s HVAC technology.

The simulated environment is expected to yield precise evaluations of the heat pumps' performance across Alaska’s varied and harsh weather patterns, from blizzards to below-freezing temperatures.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy outlined by LG Electronics CEO Cho Joo-wan in July to double LG's total sales in the global commercial and industrial HVAC market. Demand for highly efficient, sustainable heating and cooling solutions that operate reliably in any conditions has grown in North America and Europe, driven by the move away from fossil fuels and toward greener living.

"With this lab, we're not just tweaking heat pumps but setting out to reach a new standard in demanding environments like Alaska," said Lee Jae-seong, head of LG's air solution business division.

"Our joint effort with LG is all about turning Alaskan cold into a testing ground for the next leap in HVAC tech," said Sean Parnell, chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage.